Honda civic voice commands

Honda civic voice commands

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honda civic voice commands

Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Audio Question--Voice Commands. Thread starter Coaster Dan Start date Jul 5, Tags audio radio sirius xm voice commands xm radio. Coaster Dan Member. The VW was great but after 10 years, I wanted something new. I'm enjoying the Honda very much. There's a lot to like about it, especially the handling. I took it up to Palomar Mountain today.

It's a great road with a lot of switchbacks. I followed a Harley rider who was probably going as fast as he could. The Si didn't have a problem keeping up. It really hangs in there. I would like not to be limited to the presets to easily tune to a station. According to Honda literature, most of their radios allow you to get an XM station with voice commands, but it may not be possible in the Si. Music search seems to bring up only the songs on my phone or iPad. I wonder if this is an oversight on Honda's part or a feature like Nav.

I plan to ask Honda about this tomorrow if necessary. Coaster Dan said:.Also See for Civic Service manual - pages Owner's manual - pages Navigation manual - pages. Page of Go. Quick Links. This document does not contain hyperlinks and may be formatted for printing instead of web us.

Voice Tags not working as expected (HandsFreeLink speed dial)

This is. Table of Contents. Honda Civic Service Manual pages. Page 3 Customer Assistance The locations of many places of The manual is divided into the Your navigation system is a highly business and entertainment are already following sections: sophisticated location system with voice entered in the system. However, this Current Street of streets: verified dark colored and route guidance may sometimes conflict unverified light colored. Page 8 Introduction Verified streets dark colored Unverified streets light colored These roads are found within metropolitan areas, and These roads are found in rural areas, and typically include When include interstate freeways and major roads residential streets away from the center of a town.

Page 10as applicable. Pressing the OPEN button tilts the screen down. When you press and that allows hands-free operation of most release it, the display returns to the of the navigation system functions.

For additional keyboard symbols, see page Keyboard When the system needs input from you, the display changes to a keyboard. Use the displayed letters to enter the information. Page System Start-up Getting Started System Start-up Each entered letter will appear at the top You can choose to have your keyboard of the display. Say or select Space to displayed in alphabetized format as When you turn the ignition to ON IIit enter a space between words.

Page 18 Getting Started To return to the Disclaimer screen, If you select OK, the reminder will not Read this disclaimer carefully so you understand it before continuing.

honda civic voice commands

Push in press any navigation or voice control show up again. If you wish to have the on the joystick, or touch OK, and the button.

Audio Question--Voice Commands

Page 24 Entering a Destination To enter the city name by voice spelling, The system has a talkback function. Page Selecting The Street Entering a Destination Selecting the Street If the system does not find an exact Say the street name by saying individual match, select List when you finish letters or numbers, one at a time. By Voice Control: entering the name of the city. Page 26 Entering a Destination The system has a talkback function. If By Touch Control: The system will display a list of street your spoken letter is not recognized, the names, with the closest match to the After you have selected the city, or if system will talk back to you.

Page Entering The Street Number Entering a Destination Entering the Street Number By Intersection Tip: If the particular address you want After you have completed the street After you select Intersection from the cannot be found, select Map Input and name, the display changes to the Enter Enter destination by screen, the use the joystick to select the appropriate street number screen.

Page 29 Entering a Destination The system has a talkback function. If By Touch Control: If the system does not find an exact your spoken letter is not recognized, the match, select List when you finish Select City, and the display then system will talk back to you. If letters or numbers, one at a time. Page 31 Entering a Destination By Touch Control: The system will display a list of street If you did not select a city in the names, with the closest match to the beginning, and the intersection appears After you have selected the city, or if you select Street in the beginning, the name you entered at the top of the list.

Park, Golf Course, Historical categories or types of businesses to Monument, Marina, Movie Theater, select from with the following screenThis information will be visible to anyone who visits or subscribes to notifications for this post.

Are you sure you want to continue? Go to the Legal Help page to request content changes for legal reasons. Google Help. Help Center Community Android Auto. Privacy Policy Terms of Service Submit feedback. Send feedback on Help Center Community. Android Auto. This content is likely not relevant anymore. Try searching or browse recent questions. Original Poster - Cary I've recently got android auto in a new civic and the android auto is not recognizing any voice commands.

I regularly use Google assistant on my phone so I know that parts functional as well. Update: I received a txt while driving and android auto successfully read the message and recognized my voice when I answered "no" to the Q "would you like to send a reply".

This confirms the mic is working fine. Voice commandsReport an issueEnglish. Community content may not be verified or up-to-date. Learn more. Recommended Answer Recommended Answers 1. Ken Lalonde. Recommended Answer. I found the fix everybody. Community Specialist. David - Android Auto Team. Original Poster. Cary All Replies Thanks for reaching out. To help us track this issue could you please fill out the following info.

What did you say to Google? How was it recognized by Google?

HONDA Civic Navigation Manual

Google user. The google dots o o o o straight line show up and waits for my command, but it doesn't pick up any speech. I did also notice when it played the txt msg and waited for my reply, the google dots were the scattered looking ones and not the 4 in the straight line ones. Scott Phillippi. I have the exact same issue!

Bluetooth calling microphone also does not work.

HONDA Civic Navigation Manual

Have tried updating the head unit software, reverting to factory settings, etc and no changes. Fairly confident at this point it's on the phone end.Voice commands do not work for me, even though my microphone is working just fine via Bluetooth. I hold down the voice command button, hear a beep prompt, and speak my query -- only to be rudely interrupted before I've completed my command e.

This is maddening since it means I simply can't use voice commands, e. Anyway -- my problem is simple: despite the fact that my hands-free microphone works just great for Bluetooth such as Siri commands and phone callsit simply will not recognize my voice commands. However, it simply is not working. The result is always the same: either nothing at all a brief notice displayed on the display saying command not recognized or a blank search box opens up in the Music app with no text populated from my spoken request.

This is very, very frustrating. I don't understand what's wrong. I've tested it when on WiFi with a working signal, when on 3G with a strong signal, and when Siri works just fine through the same mic. I've tested it when I manually typed the name of the song, had it come up just fine via Slacker, yes, I know and then when I try to replicate the search using the voice command, it fails. Of course I'm first holding down the voice command button on the right side of the steering wheel, and it's giving me the obligatory beep to prompt me to start talking, and almost every time I do it, the system only gives me about 2 seconds to speak my query before it seemingly aborts.

Again, sometimes it aborts with a message I think it's "command not recognized"but other times it aborts after opening a blank search box on the center display. This is infuriating. I can't believe I can't just ask it to play a song as advertised. Given how difficult and unrecommended it is for the driver to type a query on the on-screen keyboard while driving, this makes it virtually impossible for me to enjoy Slacker which is otherwise great except by setting up a ton of favorites that are quite painful to scroll through -- again, a risky proposition while driving.

There has to be an explanation here. Google voice search works just great over bluetooth on my iPhone and on my Android device using the exact same microphone. So it simply doesn't make sense why this would fail. Thanks for any suggestions. And yes, I've rebooted a few times and still no luck.

How To Use Voice Commands

I don't think I've ever had it work since getting the car back in November, Announcement: How to unsubscribe from calendars on your iPhone. If you get unwanted calendar invites or event notifications on your iPhone, learn what to do. How to unsubscribe from calendars on your iPhone. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. I have had an iPhone for years, and driven Hondas--for years.

Until a few months ago, I used both my iPhone and my newer model Honda's Bluetooth system Handsfreelink just fine, we we're in a lovely "relationship", communicating wonderfully on a daily basis And then all heck broke loose! First, FYI: I dial calls via Siri pushing the home button on my phone and talking through the car's system to place outgoing calls. So, a few months ago, the first problem that starting occurring on a regular basis was the calls would switch to "private mode" and I would then have to hit "transfer" to get the calls to go back to the audio system in the vehicle.

A pain but I had gotten used to that. Now, the same problem occurs but the calls either: A won't "transfer" until after the other party answers which I can't hear because the call has automatically gone to "private mode" or B they won't "transfer" at all or.

In addition, I'm also getting echo feedback now in the last couple of days. The initial problems that started a few months ago, occurred right after an Apple update; the latest set of additional problems also seems to be in conjunction with another recent Apple update.

All to no avail I suppose Honda is going to blame Apple and Apple is going to blame Honda which does me no good whatsoever All I know is this: A I believe I drive the most popular car Honda Accord and use the most popular phone iPhone 7 in America and someone, somehow should be able to figure out how to get these two things to work together again!

B Currently, it would be safer to duct tape my iPhone to my forehead, over my eyes and dial out with my nose than to use my Apple iphone and Honda's handsfreelink system. Posted on Apr 12, PM. Besides re-pairing the phone and car, and calling Honda, what other troubleshooting have you tried? I have my iPhone 7 paired to my vehicle, although not a Honda, and I've not experienced this issue. The vehicle has the ability to switch calls to private.

Vehicle manufacturers will generally blame Apple or other handset makers when Bluetooth issues occur. However, the vehicle manufacturers receive copies of the iOS and it is up to them to make sure their vehicles work with the Bluetooth profile. There are some additional settings that you can check if you would like, or you can discuss it with Honda again about them updating their software.

I'll respond with the other checks if you are interested. Apr 13, AM. Page content loaded. It's a feature they have put in their latest IOS systems.

There's nothing we can do about it. So there you go, Honda says, definitely, it's an Apple issue. And for the record, I find that entirely believable as the issues I have been having, started to occur after Apple updates. Please do. Also, for clarification, the issue is not that, "The vehicle has the ability to switch calls to private. I read your post and understand what you said about the calls automatically going to private.Reliability indicates how models have performed in the past, providing the basis for predicting how the vehicles will hold up in the year ahead.

These charts provide the most comprehensive reliability information available to consumers. Based on information received from our latest subscriber survey, our reliability history charts give you a rundown on how used vehicles are holding up in 17 potential trouble spots, ranging from the engine, transmission, and brakes to power equipment and the electrical system. Learn more about car Reliability. The Reliability score is based on our latest subscriber survey of Honda Civic owners.

The owner comments describe problems respondents experienced with this vehicle. Bluetoothvoice control commands, steering wheel controls, portable music device interface e. Both cameras started working after several days without dealership service". My Ford has a much clearer backup camera". Very disappointed! Engine rebuild or replacement, cylinder head, head gasket, turbo or supercharger, timing chain or timing belt. Dealer has to disassemble engine and check".

Accessory belts and pulleys, engine computer, engine mounts, engine knock or ping, oil leaks. Multiple problems on the dash: "electric parking brake, brake system, brake hold system, anti lock brake system, vehicle stability assist, and road departure mitigation problem".

The car was "trying" to start until the roadside assist guy drained the battery and then he jumpstarted, then the car started. The car was brought the next day back to the dealer and they did nothing but supposedly".

Honda is currently working on resolving issue without estimate time, but it is a known issue for them". Alternator, starter, hybrid battery and related systems, regular battery, battery cables, engine harness, coil, ignition switch, electronic ignition, distributor or rotor failure, spark plugs and wires failure. Gear selector or linkage, leaks, transmission computer, transmission sensor or solenoid, clutch adjustment, rough shifting, slipping transmission. Paint fading, chalking, cracking, or peelingloose interior and exterior trim or moldings, rust.

Transmission rebuild or replacement, torque converter, clutch replacement. Muffler, pipes, catalytic converter, exhaust manifold, leaks.Owners report jerking when accelerating. Also as the first model year of the redesigned 3rd generation Pilot, it's not a good sign. Honda released a TSB on October 29 that's possibly related.

The TSB deals with a "a judder from the torque converter lock-up clutch In the TSB, Honda states they are developing a software fix to try to keep the transmission fluid temperature within spec. After several issues with my car's computer system requiring hours in the shop and complete downloads of new software, I was told that the radio computer had been replaced with a remanufactured radio prior to my purchase.

I was not advised of this and think this is a breach of contract. I also think this replacement makes the car a used car. I was not told of this replacement and was not given the option to purchase or not.

honda civic voice commands

I wrote to Honda expecting some compensation or extension of the warranty. All I got was phone calls saying it was between the dealer and me. Honda Motor Company was totally unwilling to address the issue at all, leaving me with a situation where I have no idea when the system will malfunction again or what will be done to fix it.

The dealer did extend the warranty but it obviously will only apply if I am in the local area where I purchased the car. If it happens while away from home I am screwed. Thanks Honda! If you have a for-profit service, contact us. Ask your Honda dealer. Most Common Solutions: complete new download of software 1 reports Get free help with your lemon! Find something helpful? Spread the word.


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